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't long ago, the rock talking about never seeing that again. sandra smith, thank you. lori: we don't know exactly what was going on with the economy considering the shutdown, the government data being delayed, the cheaper gas considered a tax break. adam: republicans need a break and the future of the republican party facing what some consider a test as voters head to the polls in new jersey and virginia to select their state's next governor. webmac says investors in neutral as automakers earnings reports, quarterly profit, tell you to watch out for. adam: we all scream when we see jellyfish ice-cream. the real scoop on a new glow in the dark street. . treat . . when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, s
, of the fastest-growing new car segments this hour. we will get behind the 2015. cheryl: don't look now but there are only 41 days left until christmas. tens of millions of americans expected to travel this holiday season, surely shares her tip to help you avoid stress and save money to big city troops. >> going to the floor of the stock exchange, a stop drinking out conditions that if they close in the red will be the first day losing streak this mon numbers are not strong, in the green. and it is up 1.3%. the astronomer, the nasdaq index and the with the arrows, dow jones industrials down 15,749, the and the attendant to the green up 1/4% and the nasdaq 1/2%, there were concerns abroad particularly from china and we are focusing on janet yellen, that will be later tomorrow and let's look at macy's up 9.5%, as they own bloomingdale's coming in with a good profit after last quarter. lori: the deputy chief information officer testifying before congress the administration underestimated the volume of users. rich: the hearing is now, the administration saying anywhere between 20-25,000 use
am glad you don't focus only on the negative. stocks of two which is positive as we have mixed economic news which we will talk about with bob schiller, alan greenspan, peter barnes, nicole petallides starts us off from the floor of the stock exchange. nicole: you see the dow jones industrials up 20 points. we haven't broken through yesterday's highs. we had an incredible run, weeks of gains, an incredible year. the dow was up 23%, the s&p up 27% and the nasdaq up 30%. the run continues and some names on the dow better hitting highs said disney, american express, a traveler to name a few. take a look at tiffany, all-time highs for tiffany, a higher quarterly profit in asia, that is where way saw the strength for sales and raise full-year earnings per share numbers looking good peer up 7%. dagen: to the storm that could wreak havoc on holiday travelers across much of the nation, carrying a mix of rain, ice and snow depending on where you live you'll get one of the three. we will hear from maria molina who says it is picking up steam as it heads northeast raising concerns for man
-day losing streak we've been seeing. dow jones industrials up 61 points sitting at 15,606. don't forget we had a great october, right? we're up 2.7% on the dow gaining over 400 points, so we've hit records this week on the dow, nasdaq and s&p to speak of. also let's just take a look at some longer charts comparing one week and one month charts as we continue to watch the action to the upside. some of the energy names doing well, we're watching netflix and jcpenney doing well, auto sales and that's soaring. back to you. connell: all right, nicole, thanks. dagen: at the end of what can only be described as an awful, terrible week for obamacare, kathleen sebelius is trying to do damage control with a trip to memphis. connell: rich edson joins us with the latest on this. >> reporter: well, she and the administration continue to defend and sell law. she will highlight government workers in memphis, they're paid to enroll americans in health care. back in washington republicans on the house oversight and government reform committee say the results of day one of obamacare's exchanges were patheti
is stuck with and you don't get any shares but we should point out the amount of shares is outstanding is so small. that is a problem i think the underwriters did a good job. twitter did not want to do a facebook and get greedy into a huge increase then increase the price dramatically that i think facebook when they increased the price i think twice at least but it was more than what it began with. they incrementally increased the price of the offering starting off with 18 ending at 26. then it is a smaller offering so the underwriters are faced with a smaller offering with the smaller floats of public shares outstanding but what day battle against is the open not going at 60. take the fundamentals out. there are so few shares so what do they do? they said flip it back and that is what they did so they controlled the price. because this will go down in price but you don't want to go down from 80. 45 or 40 is not so bad. adam: is a we will watch it go down the one-year facebook turned around and yesterday one analyst said 90 percent drop of the value of the stock is one extreme but with
a tendency to get too hot about investing in china and india. before china's third move, they say don't count on the growth in asia to continue, in fact they warn that rapid growth in both countries could come to a screeching halt without warning saying pitching the cart to the horse of the asian giant carries substantial risk. then said don't specify exact obstacles in the paper that would slow them out, but say draw on patterns over the last century predicting episodes of super rapid growth tenant to be a short duration back to the world average growth rate. ultimately they call their research the $42 trillion question, a difference in gdp over the next 20 years if china and india stay on track with rapid growth versus growing at the global average, dennis. lori: my next guest says emerging markets down 5% give or take this year present a good bargain after al a u.s. marketse up 22% this year to date hitting new milestones right now. the chairman manages $28 billion in assets services. grateful to have you, welcome. i am looking at a dow 16,005 right now. overvalued, undervalued, properly v
okay, number one, i am healthy, don't need insurance. obama made a mistake letting people stay on their parents plans. team needs 18-26-year-olds decide upon their own. they had some okay numbers in california. connell: use a can't do that? >> the vast majority of people signing up are older and sicker rather of an younker and healthier and people are saying i don't want to put up money, and expensive plan with stuff i don't need like pediatrics, dental, hearing aids, maternity care. if you are up 22 or 23-year-old chances are you are not having kid that early and don't need pediatric and you're hearing aids and every plan has to have that. they are all required to have things people don't need. stuart: is there a political move you expect or are prepared for from the president? seems yesterday democrats were trying to change the subject and a battle in washington over changing senate rules. what is next from the white house in terms of how to combat that? >> week ago obama said this is on me, took a lot of blame and he brought in al sharpton and ed schultz and other people and
don't hear about this happening at lax and this is the first in a long time. we are all over it. we have the breaking news accessing the story. >> tweets from bill writer, he is there right now. waiting for a delayed flight and he said he heard the gunshot and the first thing he did was hired under of bench. he said they have been putting people on buses, hundreds of people on the tarmac. he senses a house. they are taking people away from the scene of the shooting and he is on the other side of the terminal. the scene is a very surreal with announcements of departing flights still playing overhead at the terminal. he said at first he heard the gunfire and felt a new kind of fear. in never witnessed anything like this before. tweeting photos inside the terminal and if you check his twitter feet, it is relatively crowded. some security presence inside. the reception is very terrible so looking at someone at the airport, be patient, they are able to get tweets out but very little else. he said that after the initial burst of gunfire and hiding people started jumping over one another,
don't want retail, small investors in, at market order, buy me at the market at $80 because then it could go straight down. customers goldman, a morgan stanley, flipped it back to us to stabilize the price. that is why it was delayed 45 minutes. they said it would go out at 1015. they had to delay to make sure the price came down it was a little character intuitive the you don't want something that is so realistic -- and unrealistic with the opening at 80 or 60 you wanted where they had it at 45 the underwriters like dash 40. so now here is the of question. the flippers are probably out the back the stocks they sold the stock no detail comes where do they pushed the stock? nobody knows where. dagen: the allocation was less than $0.1 of retail. >> that is interesting if it is less and then do they buy %-they don't want people selling into the ipo. if the sellers are out, remember, wall street builds in the cellars. it sounds to intuitive but twitter doesn't want there first day to trade at $80 a share. dagen: they left all the money on the table. >> then they lose money if th
by historical standards and yields 1.5% so when you consider the ten year yields, 2.8%, and i don't know why anybody would be attracted to bonds which have a substantial upside/downside risk based on higher interest rates. it leads to the ten year. >> will the economy catch up? you are following, are we starting twitter and other things, are we seeing signs of the economy or things like that will catch up with this optimism for lack of anything else in the stock market? >> we have had not very long, fairly sluggish recovery and that does leave room for additional recovery and that is going to be the case but also would say also looks that legislative logjam, that deposited the economy. it is nice to have nothing changing. and holding back, when is the next shoe going to drop, and a lot of growth through investment. top line growth through the economy is relatively lackluster. driving ipo, driving and activity although it still hasn't exploded the way i thought it would. on the idea aside people are searching for new names, new opportunities, the fact that these ipos performed so well means p
adviser to bill clinton among other jobs you held, and pursuits of yours, don't they -- wouldn't they know, they are trying to fix this especially but wouldn't they know this isn't an easy way to solve the problem and it is just one of the problems? >> with votes coming up in the house, mary landrieu's bill in the senate and bill clinton having said what he said the president knew he had to move quickly. i don't think this is the fix. you are exactly right. was a short term, largely rhetorical fix. it remains to be seen whether the insurance market and even the exchanges can react to this positively. connell: is there a fix? >> there is. very difficult to do. it is basically to call web site to say we will delay six months to year, reach calibrate, but the problem is in this fraud political environment is really tough to do that and the president, you are right, is making it up as he goes along. dagen: what is mind-boggling, certainly a white house and administration that we agree or disagree with him politically savvy and. everything about the rollout of this has gone poorly in terms of t
the technical problems and political fixes. back to you. dagen: i don't know, but my friends don't need that kind of birth control, i am just saying. i am putting you on the spot, thank you so much. it makes me mad, and appears to be making some democrats mad as well because they are trying every which way to talk around the mess created by the health care law. he always comes angry. again, one of the talking points the democrats are trying to use is we are just helping you because insurance companies were selling you a bill of goods and it was a lousy policy anyway. it is not working, we all know the law is failing. >> the law was a bad law to start with. you cannot do something that nobody reads, they didn't analyze it, the people who voted on it didn't know what was in it. i am not sewed down on obama about lying about this. he did not read the law either. he doesn't know what is in it. and law is somebody who deliberately deceives. what he said he went out on a limb about and shouldn't have, no doubt about that. what the new york senator, what they said over the weekend, what she sa
. it is something we need that they got pretty good awards in america. this plays well. i don't think it should unless we see a serious breakdown in natural gas, anything associated could get hit, but even that would be temporary. we could actually talk about this for an hour. lori: i know. good stuff. adam: time to check the market again. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. the campbell soup company. nicole: i think it is good, would be happy to have a cup of campbell's tomato soup. but the sales numbers were little bit disappointing. a loss of over 6%, at the lowest point today 38.88. they came out with their numbers and a drop in demand, including the eight for example. they have been forced to cut their numbers. obviously it is a real disappointment for the quarter and for the outlook. down 6%. adam: nicole, thank you very much. while many stores in ohio are launching a food drive for needy workers but it has enraged some employees who have staged walkouts. liz macdonald joining us. liz: we have been tracking this developing story. a fate of conference calls by un
now." connell: you are sometimes here sitting taking pictures of both of us even when i don't want to. dagen: i am guilty of it on a rare occasion. but as somebody pointed out on twitter once, when a chick takes a self-portrait and posted on twitter or facebook, she has taken 50-75 to get that one good one. i posted some of it on instagram. connell: at the top of the hour, the dow back above 16,000, nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole: dial 16,000 is back. the s&p 500 at 1793, so not quite back at the 1800 mark. they are not a big deal to traders, they look at other things like resistance levels, those of the kind of things they are looking at, however if you are a bowl out there, six straight weeks of gains, a winning week, the nasdaq and s&p are down. overall the momentum seems to be to the upside, though the fix does have a slight up arrow. also watching campbell soups. look at what it is doing now. the stock is down almost 6% at 39.38. they cut their four-year product outlook, and they have pasta and pepperidge farms. dagen: activist investor carl
that. we have an entrepreneur coming up. you don't want to miss him. he is in the tequila business. halfway through the show, you never know how wild we'll get. charles, thank you so much. >> see ya. dagen: strong jobs report stokes worries that the federal reserve might pull back soon irrather than later. but after the government shutdown, are these numbers you can trust? so sorry. the president apologizes to those losing their current health plans. we have one of america's greatest entrepreneurs who says it is time to scrap the whole thing and start all over. >>> summertime blockbuster pushed back to the holidays. why disney's first "star wars" film will take longer to make than expected. >>> connell and i are chronically sleep deprived and terribly irritable because of it. harvard says lack of sleep is costing american businesses billions of bucks. we have someone here who will help all of us. all that and so much more coming up this hour of "markets now." connell: where do we get the graphic of the person sleeping next to you in the shot. that is really weird. i didn't even see
are hearing a lot of momentum. i don't want to miss it, talk about it. 4.5%, $179 per share even now. it really is a standout as far as retailers. abercrombie and fitch under significant pressure. a forecast for the holidays that looks really good, so that is the good news and the latest quarter. also numbers coming in significantly. you can see the stock really reflecting that. back to you. lori: thank you, nicole. my first guest says he is not buying shares. founder of the marketing stream that runs paid search ad campaigns for thousands of companies. you have done research on the effectiveness of online advertising and so fa for you fd concern of twitters platform. do tell. >> thank you, lori. i want to point out that twitter is far and away behind in terms of the ad platform capabilities in comparison to her facebook was a year ago when they went public. you have a situation looks like the market is willing to pay a very high premium on twitter essentially an advertising company as far as the revenues are concerned, and yet there seems to be a bit of a disconnect here because wha
friday to get the best deals, now they don't have to because many retailers opened yesterday on thanksgiving even earlier than they have before crowds rushing room dinner tables to head in for deals, plus our as was one of those stores that opened yesterday and rich edson is on that tough assignment in times square. you have been knocking get out of the park. what are you doing? >> i got a ball, $29.99. you get two of them and when you fill it up you can do this for as long as you want and that is what we got here. there you go, thank you so much. this is the crowd. it was pretty slow a couple hours ago. now it is crushed. these folks were added since 5:00 last night, one of the many retailers opening on thanksgiving evening. we got here at 5:00 in the morning, not many people here. when they had that go-karts i was driving around this morning, i did that down this hallway, you can't sit in this hallway. national retail federation says they expect $600 billion to be spent by folks this holiday season, this month and next month. last month $11.2 billion for the sale, ninety mi
successful long-term? dagen: don't you want to shop over the weekend? isn't that when it should be working with mark rich edson has more details. rich: it will be down from 1:00 a.m. until 5:00 a.m. so if you are up in the middle of the night not expect to sign on to congressional committees run by republicans on the hill are subpoenaing documents. when they were encouraging people to website wasn't working to call on the phone or submit paper applications, it really didn't matter. these documents are meeting notes from officials, one saying to instruct the navigators, helping fight insurance to use paper applications rather than go through the call center. later on they acknowledged they all go through the same portal, the phone calls and the website that wasn't working. allowing people to feel like they're moving forward in the process and provides another option at the end of the day we are all stuck on the same queue. this law and this system needs this system to work. >> there is a potential death spiral if we don't get enough people signed up. we have a couple of year
members from washington, d.c. can it get worse from here? >> that was a pretty harsh criticism, don't forget, dagen, he served in the obama cabinet. for him to say this is becoming a matter of trust of the american people and this president is absolutely true, and when you have people who served in the cap anent saying that, your question can it get worse, i think it can. it looks now, dagen, we reported this this morning that the website now will probably not be ready at the end of november, so this is like to. when will it be ready? this is beginning to be a bit of a crisis because remember all those people losing their health insurance, what are they supposed to do? going to the exchange on the website and find a new plan. they literally cannot do that now. dagen: what happens to those people, steve? we will hear more from them in the coming weeks and months, for sure. >> dagen, i have been predicting that there will be a delay in the whole program for a year. that is the democratic political interests. this is becoming a meltdown. my talks my congressional sources were democrat,
in the middle class i make too much to qualify for a subsidy but i don't quite make enough to afford the double and triple additions to the premium. so now what they are going to say is now we have to expand the pool of people eligible for these subsidies. that will blow up the cost of it in ways you haven't seen. now $60,000 per family for a family of four. everybody will qualify for a subsidy, and that will be single-payer. dagen: from the right, it is a conspiracy theory that it was designed to fail. >monica: it is not a conspiracy theory. most of the folks on the left or on the record saying obamacare is simply a way station on the way to get us to single-payer. connell: they wanted it to fail on purpose. monica: it was all baked into the cake. people are saying the canceled policies are unintended consequences of obamacare, that is not true. these are intended because it plans to move people of the government exchanges to get the whole thing to work. dagen: the government exchanges, it is still an individual private insurance market because the insurance is not being written by the governm
and starts and is painful. the consumer is i have this much income. i don't know if obamacare will have me as a payroll tax. i might be spending more. the new agency. we are coasting. we are still growing. i think. lori: and the reason you think -hat guy in the past we used to have inventory dumps. now we don't get that. we get longer economic at a lower threshold. >> this is something of the getty was paying attention to. the internet totally eradicated unchanged what we are buying, where we are buying, ow we're buying. retailers are keeping inventory on hand. everything changed and the amount of capital. without having to put all the money into capital, stockpile inventory, oh, my god, dump it quickly. we are not getting soaring rebuilding in the media dump. we are not getting highs and lows, and that is making the duration of our economic cycle longer. someone like summers are krugman comes out and says it is only 2 percent gdp, you take a breath and say, you know what, i would take 2 percent gdp for seven or eight years instead of 5% for your to. adam: let's talk about the vice index.
: you could get me something similar. connell: no, don't want to have to report it to the union, even though we are not in one. it was a pretty expensive gifts, without giving it all away. dagen: if you are trying to check off your christmas list, there you go. stocks hit new highs, nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. nicole: the dow jones industrials hitting a record all-time intraday high today of 15,732. still holding onto some nice gains of 69 points at the moment. the s&p would be a record closing high, couple of points away from intraday all-time high. we continue to watch the market to the upside, waiting on the twitter ipo tomorrow. and yesterday was a real indication of the 10 business of this market. a quick look tesla effort recorded the quarterly numbers. the outlook falling a little shorter of what people had hoped for. right now at 148.82. dagen: thank you, nicole. connell: the obamacare rollout and website can and will be fixed. facing another tough round of questioning in the senate today. rich: we will get enrollment numbers out of this. we don't know ho
. dagen mcdowell's home state and focus today. not as an exciting election as maybe, i don't know, last year but, or -- dagen: or new york city. connell: that one is pretty much a foregone conclusion unless every poll is wrong but dagen's home state of virginia we'll talk about. let's go to nicole petallides before we talk about anything else. check on the markets. good morning nicole. >> we pared the losses. we're down 41 points on the dow jones industrials. 15,059. just below the 15,600 mark. we had a nice run though, haven't we? s&p 500 down 1:00 quarter of 1%. it shows you we had momentum remains to the upside. traders continue to believe with the easy fed policy the path of least resistance is to the upside. of 3-d systems, largest printer company, looking good. new all-time high. potential takeover rumors maybe by ibm according to our own charles payne. spending on research and expanding retail presence. up over 100% and what a great performer and a new high today. back to you. connell: thank you, nicole. more on obamacare. new developments in moment. we'll focus on gubernatorial
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the engine of the bull market. if we don't get that pullback, i think you will get early in '1410, 15, 18% correction. still keeping the bull market alive, but if the fed tapers to sin and to great i think it does send us off into a much bigger bear market move in stocks of 20 to 30%. we are talking way down the road, not right now. adam: first, your thesis, a recession and a second recession, after you have a financial collapse to manage to live through 2008, don't you have to have deflation? that is what resets everything. we did not get that. >> we have had deflationary in the economy since 2008. the biggest deflationary source in the world. we did have some already. it wasn't to the magnitude we see in japan now and it certainly wasn't the magnitude we saw during the great depression. we did have some deflation. the fed is doing everything they can to engineer inflation rates now. look at what home prices did in '08, '09. the first year-over-year decline ever. it is going like that. unemployment is deflationary. you have a lot of things you don't have like in the 30s or in japan, but
because of this. that would kick her hand, make market participants trade in ways i don't think the fed really want them to. i think right now the fed is kind of in this range bound area just like reits are range bound right now and bond market participants have done a really good job taking duration out of their portfolios and substituting more credit risk so i think is individual investors you have to really think about whether you want to hold bonds to maturity, individual bonds or you want to be in funds will you have more duration risk. lori: you have called the great rotation yet some other pnalysts, 3% cap on the tenure benchmark, that is the yield for the near-term. >> that is a precip -- lori: enough room to rumble? >> as we talk about capering, we are too late for that. may twenty-second we started the first caper turkey. so i think right now all saying we are range bound maybe is 3-2, who knows but rates just pushed out to and area where you will look back a year from now saying i miss the trade. lori: you bullish on u.s. equities and put 2013 in the books, it is a monster ra
predicting big oil? maybe not. i don't believe that. markets will keep us going. the other big move is natural gas, a six days in a row making new highs, people talking about the cold weather but cash markets around the globe, infrastructure is of big thing and even here throughout the country, trading at $3.64 you go to new england on the algonquin pipeline, paid dollars, 1 million metric bp, a huge discrepancy, really got to get that in-line with the rest of the country. lori: we are showing viewers here, what does that put the price at? that is historically cheap. >> it is historically cheap and not as expensive. remember last winter it got cold and we got 4 for the. we are in that trading range. when we get cold weather we pushed towards 4 and back in that range but what is good about low prices for natural gas from a historic viewpoint is to stimulate the economy we are seeing new uses for natural gas, the demand is going up and not just eating. the other reason we are moving on the weather when we are producing record amounts is exports are going up, exporting a lot of natural
's ruling, plus why warren buffett, goldman's lloyd blankfein are headed to the motor city today. don't miss peter barnes' exclusive with alan greenspan, what the former or federal reserve chairman blames for holding back the u.s. economy is coming up next. ♪ ♪ as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! adam: former federal reserve chairmann greenspan spoke exclusively with peter barnes from the fox business network about how urn certainty -- uncertainty is impacting the economy. quite fascinating, peter, he really opened up with you. >> reporter: yeah, adam, he came by to help to sell his book, in part. it's called "the map and the territo
upon millions coming in. you don't walk away from that but so far they're just not able to find the right partner. that is not your core competency. microsoft bought the wrong company. lori: this is a golden parachute. >> he tripled it to $56 million even as the trouble got worse and sitting on the compensation committee to approve that deal was the ceo of fairfax financial which made a bid for a buyout. he should not have done that. what kind of bad. adam: we are awaiting the press conference with the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, very large settlement, $1.2 billion that as a c will be pleading guilty to some of the charges, but we want to bring into this discussion co professor for reaction to this and very simply, what do you think? this is not a surprise, is it? >> not at all. he has been very successful, now 3-for-3. each of those cases they held out, they resisted, he has won overwhelmingly. it will be followed up by an sec action that will probably bar mr. cohen from life from serving as an investment advisor. they will probably be barred from servi
showing good faith, don't see any reason to trust them, now they want a nuclear weapon. connell: the most skeptical deal is to be a distraction from all the talk of obamacare and maybe the president, the administration and negotiations would be getting in more to get a deal done, is that the view you take as well? >> if it is obamacare or the desire to have a legacy project, foreign policy triumph clearly there is a pr benefit in the short term for the president but long-term the middle east sayina mistake and the pressure is going to be on him to cave and take away more sanctions which were really working. connell: it is counterintuitive because the pressure should be on the iranians if they are working it is crippling them economically or that would be the argument so the pressure should be there. all right, you want to get rid of the sanctions. >> costing 5 billion per month given the size of their economy that is kind of the real number. this has been a painful time for them economically. you would hope that would lead to some change in behavior, but ultimately they get to keep their
. i don't want to be bothered with that. just wouldn't go, did you ever take that trip to miami that i bought you and it is three years later. >> take it yourself. there are a lot of values. they may have seen 30% or 40% increase on travel and 30% off, hotels around the country doing it. it is a great time to buy travel. connell: people travel here, can do a lot of shopping in doors. dagen: the trump hotels, they are really beautiful hotels. thank you. please come back. stocks looking to extend record-breaking runs but energy stocks are taking a hit, nicole petallides on the floor of thh stock exchange. nicole: good morning, we have had a great run seven weeks 0, records again this week, even the nasdaq breaking its own record from yesterday, the dow jones industrials up 25 points, 0.1%. the nasdaq up 1/2%, the s&p 500 gaining 1/4 of 1%, the vix to the downside, light volume could bring volatility on this holiday, hewlett-packard has been on the turnaround plan, came out with great numbers and we're watching 7-1/4%, $26.91. connell: the store you need to watch is interest rates. we hav
decisions e made, the tunnel, but i don't crunch political numbers. if he alienates the tea party, the ultra conservatives, can he attract enough democrats nationwide for a victory? >> well, again, you have to be selected by the party before you're elected by the people. when you're talking about the tea party within the republican ranks, they are a supeeminority within the republican tent. now, do you need them to to win? i don't believe you do. but what you need to do is go beyond new jersey and attract those voters in mississippi and in missouri and in florida and new hampshire and iowa. and if christie's numbers are good there, if he dips his toe in the water, look to him to go within a year or so to iowa, if his governance resonates there, then i think republicans need to look at him extremely seriously beyond his own borders. also look for him to raise money for house members in 2014 and senate members. if they're asking christie to come in, the handwriting's on the wall with. lori: how effective is governor christie on getting obamacare back on track? clearly, he asked the president t
challenging time. we don't have a lot of options. we are providing the options that we do have. many cases it doesn't feel like that is the right option. lori: it looks like you're not going to get an extension. whether the federal or state level. >> a step in the right direction. i agree with that. however, already people are discouraged and confused. while we may understand that because we're watching this closely, many consumers, especially those i'm not wanting to build with us. lori: the initial criticisms graven before the website clutch occurred and really put a hurdle -- that was the first problem. it never detraction. and in healthy people, why would they want to sign up now that there were subsidizing older americans with chronic issues. that is a long-term problem. >> it is a significant issue. in the way that was supposed to be addressed was to the individual mandate. although demand is not really strong. the penalties are not mine. in addition to that end of the people having a consumer friendly environment with which to purchase the product will be comfortable doing that. a l
that the taper would unsettle the market, i don't think the fed can or should be a prisoner of the market, so how do you interpret that statement when it comes time for exit? >> i think there's a little bit of a disconnect there because the questioning that focused on whether or not the fed was a prisoner by backing off, she has essentially admitted they did. she hopes they won't be a prisoner of the market, but she did admit we would see volatility. lori: it is safe to say we are seeing some of that now, in the rates market saying boy, the treasury market may be taking monetary policy in its own hands by tightening. how is the fed managing this and how are they looking at this move in bond rates? >> had not seen any change in the kind of frederick that has been going on. some people saying that it will be december, others saying maybe we had to wait longer, so the rhetoric has not called the market at all, and probably has not forced it to push out, way out when the taper and will begin. we know from the past behavior, when it starts it could be very volatile and everybody is very concerned abou
phone clean if it were to be stolen. they don't want. coming up tomorrow's business today, nothing says that more than robots. ♪ dagen: where have you been? stuart: hitting me with too many questions. the dow below 15,000. dagen: i have to say 50. connell: we are up by 13 points and lauren simonetti, good morning. >> we have the nasdaq and the s&p working 2 days of losses and about struggling to stay in the green, 16,000, retail sales pretty solid. boosting consumers' stock, discretionary beating the market higher, looking at what we saw from existing homes sales 3.2% in october and consumer prices falling since 2009. that is how the overall market is reacting. let's look at yahoo! shares of 2 present today and up 78% this year. they are aggressively into their buyback program adding $5 billion, the most recent just announced. connell: president obama meeting with state insurance commissioners pushing his fix for americans dealing with canceled plans. dagen: rich edson has a read, how many are on board with the idea. >> a handful have been down since they will do so and allow the pres
as it could be but you don't need disaster for it to be a problem because you get problems with delays even if it is not terrible conditions. look the departure up here, if you look at the misery matt, as they look at o'hare, 30 flight delays at o'hare today. that is close to a regular day. nowhere near as bad as it could be. the latest from orbits, give me the latest on numbers of cancellations systemwide, nationwide. >> 380 cancellations with a storm been on the east coast, it is not as bad as it could be. >> we heard from our weather friends this precipitation could end in the northeast in washington and new york in freezing precipitation. what is the problem? >> the problem is we will get this winter remix in the d.c. metro area so that could cause delays and cancellationss and we know there could be a ripple effect. for new york it sounds like the good news is it may not insulated tonight, most folks tried to get a destination. >> we will keep our fingers crossed. the line is not bad. here's a good piece of news, you know we had the merger news, approval of the merger and look at the a
indicator and, you know, infer exactly what happened but, i don't think there could be anyone who debates that the government shutdown and brinksmanship over the debt limit hurt the economy in the month of october and that we would have been able to do even better were it not for them but you know i also think we have a very resilient private sector in the american economy. >> but house speaker john boehner fired back and said, quote, while it's good sign that more americans found work last month than some predicted, wages are still stagnant and millions of families and workers are facing cancellation notices and higher premiums because of obamacare. adam and lori. adam: all right, peter, thank you very much. so the 204,000 jobs added last month blew away expectations but you won't believe how far off the biggest banks were with their estimates. deutsche bank and city group had the highest estimates at 130,000. barclays was in line with consensus, 125,000. our guest yesterday andrew from south bay research was on more bearish size, 104,000. jpmorgan with 175 -- 75,000 estimate, the actual
. here is more. >> i don't think there's any reason to believe anyone was trying to discourage marriage. just comes from the common sense axiom that two people married can live together more cheaply than two people living separately. >> this is an example of an unintended consequence of the obamacare law. dagen: thank you so much, molly, in washington. what does governor mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas, host of huckabee on the fox news channel letting us from his radio studio in florida. great to see you. what do you say about this? >> society ought to be encouraging marriage. it is the foundation of civilization and perpetuation of a civil culture and for us to discourage marriage by tax policy and obamacare in snow sense. we can go back to 1964 when a liberal, daniel patrick moynihan warned of what happens when children grow up in single-parent households. there are many success stories but the fact is if you want to a limited poverty the three things to do, get a high school education, be employed consistently, and be married to this impart her in a monogamous relationship
in michigan says you can't change these deals. >> yeah. the michigan constitution is even stronger. i don't think the federal constitution will put that much pressure on it because the bankruptcy clause is probably okay with that but the michigan constitution is pretty clear that says these are contractual benefits that basically, i'm paraphrasing can not be reduced f that applies to this case, pensions have a legitimate argument, they say, look you can't reduce us in bankruptcy because we have a state constitutional protection. there are a ton of legal arguments. adam: let me interrupt you, in rhode island, they could cut it, 55% of the pensions in. extreme other end, option 6. no one expects this, judge rhodes said denied, you can't go through the bankruptcy process. what happens at that point? >> if he boots the case, adam, case is dismissed, appellate rights kick in. they take it up to the appellate chain, whatever happens someone will appeal. whatever the ruling is, someone women appeal. the tougher thing if he lets it go forward, can they appeal. if he denies the case, it ends, you
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